Flying single line kites…

The joy that one feels flying a kite is tied to trust…and that trust is that the line won’t break, that it will keep you connected to your wing and ultimately that it will bring it home safely to your hands.  The kite itself is detached from us — a  patch of color, an expectation, dancing in the sky.  But the kiteline is real.  We can feel it with our fingers and through it, touch the wind and our dreams of flight.  Is kiteline important to the experience?  At Shanti, we believe it is.

What is the best line for kiteflying?  Generally speaking, the best material for single-line flying is polyester.  Shanti polyester lines are economical, tough and have only half as much stretch as nylon.  Monofilament line should never be used due to its excessive stretch of up to 50%!

Are twisted or braided lines better?  Braided lines are better.  These lines are constructed much the same as weaving ribbons around a Maypole.  The result is a balanced line that wears longer and will not unravel when cut. Shanti braided polyester lines are smooth, round and tightly woven.  Shanti braided lines are available in virtually all strengths from 20 to 1200 lb./test.  We generally wind them in 500 or 1000 ft. lengths but can easily wind custom lengths.

Twisted lines are cheaper.  For casual, recreational flying they are often the “best buy.” With twisted lines, it is important that they are properly constructed and handled.  Shanti twisted lines are made with three bundles of fibers which are individually twisted in one direction, then twisted together in the opposite direction.  The result is a smooth, balanced line that is less likely to kink or twist upon itself.  Twisted lines work best when they are wound flat on a spool and when used with a swivel to attach to the kite.  The swivel allows excess twists to flow out of the line.  We make twisted line in 20 to 80 lb./test and generally wind it in 500 to 1000 ft. lengths.

What about spools and winders?  Choosing a spool is not esoteric.   Find one that feels right and fits your budget.  Simple.   At Shanti, we make spools in all shapes and sizes.  There are the original Shanti Hardwood spool and Windbrearker ™ winders which we sell with a lifetime guarantee.  If you ever break one flying a kite, you may return it to any of our dealers for a free replacement, even though you lost the sales receipt ten years before.

We also  offer colorful plastic spools such as the Spinner ™ or the Grip Light ™ which are economical and great for kids and adults.  There are plastic Hoop winders for light to heavy-pulling kites and more.  In short, we make just about every kind of spool you might want to fly a kite.

The great thing is that we make our spools and winders in our own shop and carefully wind our own line onto each one.  This means we can custom wind any length or strength with any product.  It also means we can guarantee that each line is tied to the spool.  We can guarantee that our lines are knotless and spliceless and are the best that money can buy.  So when you are ready to trust your kite to the wind, please remember to take Shanti with you.