Hardwood Spools & Windbreaker ™ winders


Hardwood spool

Our Shanti hardwood spool is without question the ultimate kite spool.  Made from rock maple lumber from New England and Birch doweling, each spool is carefully hand assembled in our shop.  We then give each spool, two coats of lacquer for a long-lasting protective finish. These spools have a larger capacity than plastic spools and are wound with 500 to 1000 ft. of 20 to 110 lb. line.  We are so confident of the quality of our hardwood spools that we sell them with a lifetime guarantee.


Windbreaker winder

The Windbreaker ™ winder sets the pace for quick rewinding and maximum line storage.  We make these Windbreakers in our shop using the best raw materials we can buy including:  rock Maple or New England Cherry, Ash handles, marine-grade plywood, plated hardware and custom turned hardware.  When you combine these elements with Shanti’s attention to detail, you have a handmade, lacquered winder with a through-bolted plywood center and free-spinning adjustable hardwood handles.  Guaranteed for life.  Available blank or with any of our Shanti lines.