Sport Kite Line…

If you want to have a great time flying a dual or quad-line sport kite, you simply have to have great line.   The better the line, the better the response and the enjoyment.  Shanti was the world’s first company dedicated to manufacturing a wide range of sport kiteline as well as assorted spools and winders.   Here’s what you need to know…

  • Low stretch is critical.  If you pull on a line and it stretches, the kite doesn’t react.
  • The line must be thin.  Thick lines create ”drag” on the kite and slow down response time.
  • The line must be slippery so that when you twist up your lines you still have control of your kite.
  • Good line should have very little “creep” so that you don’t have to keep re-adjusting your lines.
  • Good line is expensive, making it important that it lasts a long time.
  • Linesets have to be exactly measured and and properly tied or you have no control of your kite.

Shanti Kites manufactures  a variety of sport kite lines to meet these criteria and other characteristics as well.  Our Speed line is the original Spectra kite line, used all over the world.  Our new Skybond line is a high-modulus polyethene line with a polymer-bonded, coated finish.  Our Power line is a highly durable braided Kevlar line.  Our Zip line is an inexpensive Spectra/polyester blend that is suitable for beginners on a tight budget.